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Krishi Vigyan Kendra


  • District Level Farm Science Institute
  • Sponsered Trainings
  • Most Experienced Faulty
  • Works to improve the economic profile of farmers
  • "Hub" for Demonstrations of Crops

Package of Practices

Type Package of Practices
Crop Till
Crop Arhar
Crop Bajra
Crop Moong
Crop Kapah (Cotton)
Crop Mah
Crop Makki (Maize)
Crop Mungfali (Peanut)
Crop Paddy (Jhona)
Crop Soyabean
Crop Sugarcane
Horticulture Papaya
Horticulture Mangoes
Horticulture Guava
Horticulture Grapes
Horticulture Banana
Horticulture Brinjal
Horticulture Cauliflower
Horticulture Garlic
Horticulture Turmeric (Haldi)
Horticulture Ocra (Lady Finger, Bhindi)
Horticulture Onion (Gande)
Horticulture Peas (Matar)
Horticulture Tomato
Horticulture Potato (Aallu)
Horticulture Citric
Horticulture Band Gobhi